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Stamping Pouch Workshop (1.5 hour)

Date: 4, 5 May 2024

Location: Curbside Crafters L2, 730 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198698


Ever wanted to design your own fabric for a one-of-a-kind pouch and proudly claim that, "I stamped this pouch"?


Or looking for some artsy bonding time with your friends/family/partner in stamping a fabric for a pouch?


Or... since Mother's Day is approaching, are you thinking of customising a pouch for your mom and loved ones by stamping his/her favourite food with a nickname? 


Well, our stamping workshop is just right for you then!

PLUS: We will be having new stamp designs (hi, lazy animal series!)


This 1.5 hour stamping pouch workshop includes:

- Demonstration and guidance of stamping techniques

- 1x Drawstring pouch with your customised stamped designs and chosen string colour


Max no. of pax per workshop timeslot: 6


Stamping Pouch Workshop (4 - 5 May 2024 @ Curbside Crafters)


$30/pax for 2 pax and more

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