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"A very good day to you, fellow flipper. May I ask that you please do a triple check to ensure that the terrestrial ice is of an optimal temperature and thickness for our fellow flippers to live on?" said Mr. Geeky Penguin to his party of minion penguins.

Default ribbon colour: Light Purple

Mr. Geeky Penguin & Co. (Purple)


    Drawstring bag is made to order.

    Hand-sewn. Hand-stamped.

    This versatile drawstring bag can be used to carry almost anything that I can think of right now, your wallet, stationery, passport, tissues, cosmetics, snacks. electronics. And it's also great as a handy dandy lunch bag for those busy folks out there. 


    Note: Product’s design may differ slightly from image as shown as we hand-stamp each bag individually.



    Note: Measurements (Height X Width) do not include the ribbon.

    Small: ~ 18.5 X 18 cm

    Large: ~ 21.5 X 21.5 cm



    Wash in cold water only, preferably by hand.

    No harsh chemicals.


    Please refer to the 'T&C' tab at the top of this page.


    We provide a complimentary name-stamping to add a dash of personalisation and unique-ness to your pouch. 



    State name to be stamped in the option above.


    Note: Colour and position of name stamped will be up to our discretion, unless otherwise specified in the 'Add note to seller' during check-out.

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